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Sofa Beds That Wed Comfort With Style!


Winter is coming, and we don’t just mean the weather! The last three months of the year are a busy bunch with festivities galore and, of course, the big finish—New Years! Most of this season is spent entertaining guests. And what better way to make sure you leave a lasting impression than a beautiful sofa in your memorable living room?


While our love for sofas remain untouched, there is no denying the impressive practicality of sofa beds. Combining the best of both worlds, these furniture pieces not only save space but also money and face!

Doing the jobs of both a sofa and bed splendidly, these stylish and comfortable pieces brighten up your living room and liven up your next home party. We vouch for them.

Here are a few sofa beds to brighten up your space and match your mood!


Montoya Sofa



Montoya Sofa is fitted with a smart internal mechanism that facilitates instant conversion from sofa to bed. Also equipped with a spacious roll-out storage area, this sofa is ideal for storing all your extra pillows, blankets, quilts and other such sleeping essentials. It is the go-to example of strength and durability coupled with comfort.


Faith Sofa

Furnished with an edgy, modern design, the Faith Sofa has the advantage of deep cushioning in the seat and the back of the couch. This creates a wholesome, comfortable pad when completely reclined. Its motto being ‘utmost comfort’, this sofa is your foam-filled best friend that you’ll never want to part ways with! 



Avellino Sofa

The Avellino Sofa is a clever little minx! Its double-click mechanism allows one person to sleep comfortably while the other still lounges on another part of its surface! The only duty it has is to ensure that you have the best time lounging around. With a mix of memory and recycled foam and eucalyptus wood, this sofa offers you superior seating comfort.



The best thing about this collection of sofa beds is that your guests will think you have made all this effort for their benefit, when really you’ll be having the best time switching from bedroom vibes to living room vibes!