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Asian Dishes for a top-notch oriental meal

One of the best things about Asia is the diverse cuisines it brings to the table. From the vibrant lanes of small-town India to the chirpy farmers’ markets in China, from the tranquil shrines in Japan to the pleasant countryside in South Korea – every region has an eclectic milieu of flavours, ingredients, and dishes to offer. That is why you will always see tourists thronging every space – right from upscale restaurants to bustling streets. But the great thing about food is that you don’t need to always travel to experience a culture different from yours.

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Small changes you can make to ensure undisturbed sleep

Sleeping is a very vital human function, but some can find it hard to get an undisturbed and peaceful sleep. While our modern hectic lifestyle is largely to blame for our erratic sleep schedules, there is a lot we can do to change the way we sleep. The right way to do this is by paying attention to patterns that go unnoticed. The next step would be to reassess any elements of your bedroom that contribute to your discomfort.  

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Stretch your boundaries with our space saver dining sets

The most precious commodity in a modern urban home is space. Whether you live in a cosy studio apartment or a palatial mansion, space is something you will want to maximise. The more space conserved, the more utility per square foot – and the more value-added to your overall living area. In pandemic times, the home and the office have gone from being two distinct spaces to coexisting as interactively merged ones. Your home has had to adapt to make room for workstations for all working members within the same living area.

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The colours of India through your favourite meals

A commonly observed trait among Indians is our love for food. India, a country globally admired for its culture and diversity, shares nothing short of a celebration when it comes to food. The Indian cuisine is inviting even at first glance. With its vibrant colours, pockets of flavour and spices, there are many delicacies to choose from. Each Indian state offers a unique food palate that leaves you asking for more.

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Healthy Drinks That Are Tasty and Rejuvenating

Haven’t caught on to the super drinks trend yet? Now is your time. If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught the world is that health is foremost wealth. A robust immunity gives you a fighting chance against threats and stops invaders from entering your body. And the best way to enhance your immune system is to consume healthy, nutritious food. Healthy drinks have become extremely popular with health-conscious folk. The reasons are simple – they are filled with goodness, are easy to make and are delicious! 


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Wedding gifts that wow - here's how!

Wedding gifts are perhaps the most significant of all the gifts we give and receive. In fact, some wedding gifts are remembered and cherished for a lifetime! These little presents are in many ways more meaningful than others because you are celebrating and expressing your support for two people who are starting a new life and home together. What better way to say you care than with a gift for the home?

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Space Saver Sofas should be the new addition to your living room

Anyone who lives in a compact home knows the struggle for space. Whether it is storing clothes and shoes, making the home look spacious or accommodating guests, we always wish we had a little bit more room. Today, modern innovative technology is helping create smart furniture solutions, especially for small homes. Such furniture solves the biggest challenge of small homes, i.e. space constraints, and make homes liveable, functional and aesthetically appealing with contemporary designs. 

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This Diwali, the only thing better than a gift is a gift card!

Giving is always a pleasure, especially giving gifts to your loved ones and valued associates. In this day and age, we have unlimited options to choose from, and while that makes for versatile gifting, we don't always have sufficient understanding about a person's tastes and preferences. At such times, making the perfect choice becomes a little trickier than usual. While a handpicked gift has the advantage of surprise and personal attention, there are times when we can't decide or when time is not on our side. That is when gift cards feel like a blessing and a boon!


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Light Up Your Loved One's Life with the Perfect Diwali Gifts

The holiday season in India is around the corner, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of the festivities. It is time to dress to the nines, spend time with your loved ones and pamper them with thoughtful gifts. 


Festival of light, love, and laughter


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Diwali-Ready Home Decor in Five Easy Steps

Diwali is a widely celebrated and much-anticipated festival for Indians globally. Naturally, you would have been looking forward to the arrival of this festive season and would want your house to be spotless and welcoming. You simply must set up everything for the imminent festivities so you can stay relaxed while participating in all the rituals and celebrations. 

Home Centre has put together a five-step checklist to ensure that your home (and you) is ready to sparkle!


1. Lighting


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