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This Diwali, the only thing better than a gift is a gift card!

Giving is always a pleasure, especially giving gifts to your loved ones and valued associates. In this day and age, we have unlimited options to choose from, and while that makes for versatile gifting, we don't always have sufficient understanding about a person's tastes and preferences. At such times, making the perfect choice becomes a little trickier than usual. While a handpicked gift has the advantage of surprise and personal attention, there are times when we can't decide or when time is not on our side. That is when gift cards feel like a blessing and a boon!


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Light Up Your Loved One's Life with the Perfect Diwali Gifts

The holiday season in India is around the corner, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of the festivities. It is time to dress to the nines, spend time with your loved ones and pamper them with thoughtful gifts. 


Festival of light, love, and laughter


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Diwali-Ready Home Decor in Five Easy Steps

Diwali is a widely celebrated and much-anticipated festival for Indians globally. Naturally, you would have been looking forward to the arrival of this festive season and would want your house to be spotless and welcoming. You simply must set up everything for the imminent festivities so you can stay relaxed while participating in all the rituals and celebrations. 

Home Centre has put together a five-step checklist to ensure that your home (and you) is ready to sparkle!


1. Lighting


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Optimism is trending. Channel positivity into your home style

The world as we know it has been permanently altered. The arrival of the pandemic has transformed our lives and made us reconsider our priorities. People and organisations at every level have been compelled to rethink and evolve new ways to function and thrive. And design trends are responding to this current climate in the world at large.


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Tasty recipes using less oil from celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

There is a common misconception that oil-less food or food made with less oil is not tasty. But if made well, with the right ingredients, recipe, and cookware, it’s very much possible. While fried dishes can be whipped up in a matter of minutes or on the go, they are bad for us in the long run and can pose serious health problems. Oil-less or food made with less oil can taste as good as – or sometimes even better than – heavy-fried dishes and come with the bonus of being good for your mind and body. 


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How to design a balcony garden for your home

Do you live in an apartment? No worries! You can still create your own little oasis in the form of a balcony garden. Lusciously green and exuding fresh air, it can be your very own flora-filled escape sanctuary. Excited? Here are some expert tips and tricks that can help you build a haven for yourself – even if you don’t have a particularly green thumb.


Measure How Much Sunlight You Get


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Five lip-smacking, multicultural dishes for overnight guests by celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

Atithi devo bhava, or ‘One should treat guests like God, ’ has been an Indian belief since times immemorial. The saying shows how much warmth and value guests bring to our life.


In a family-centric country like ours, we go the extra mile to make our loved ones feel at home when they visit or stay over. And they do the same for us! One long-established way of showing our love and respect for others is through the dishes we cook for them.


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Power through breakfast hour with recipes from celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

If you want to change the world, start with breakfast! We’ve all heard it; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without the avoidable distraction of hunger pangs, a good breakfast will provide you with sufficient energy to power through your day and optimise productivity. 


That said, preparing breakfast on a weekday is not easy. In the middle of all the morning craziness – going about your routine, finishing chores, getting ready for work – breakfast may seem like a demanding task. Some of you might even overlook or ignore it entirely.


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Cherish your beautiful bond with a meaningful Raksha Bandhan gift!

The bond between siblings is special, between adult siblings, more. So, while you may have expressed your love for each other by gifting chocolates, sweets, jewellery, or clothes in the past, today, meaningful gifts are more relevant, considering their impact on the receiver. Wondering how? Well, if you think about it, you can give anyone a box of treats, flowers or even money. But a gift is more intimate and has sentimental value when you've thoughtfully purchased it, keeping in mind the personality and interests of the receiver.

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5 Ways to set the stage for the perfect house party!

Big bashes may be out due to the pandemic, but small intimate get-togethers are definitely in. Hosting a house party is the preferred option for socialising these days. If only prepping for it was not such a stressful affair! 

In anticipation of their guests, most people spend a lot of time cleaning up, decluttering, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. These are all important, but some additional adjustments can go a long way in making your house party style pop! Check out these five simple tips to take your party atmosphere from basic to beguiling.  


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