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10 easy steps to a spectacular 5-star bed!

Make your bed hotel style in 10 easy steps!


Ace your 'bed-making' skills and conquer every day


Perhaps the best part of the day is the finale - the precise moment when you collapse into the welcoming comfort of your very own bed. The only thing that can enhance that feeling and take it to the next level is to acquire the bed of your dreams, made up ever so elegantly as in the movies or in luxury hotels! That perfectly made-up bed — so neat and tidy, with all the layers that seem to beckon you — is well within your reach. Home Centre has put together a fool-proof 10-step method to achieve the look and feel of a five-star bed.


Follow the simple instructions below and trade your boring cot for deluxe bedtime bliss!


1. Mattress topper 

This is the primary secret behind the added oomph in hotel beds. This added layer of goodness takes comfort to the next level. Browse our Healthy Living collection for the finest mattress toppers.


2. Mattress protector 

This layer is the key to why hotel mattresses seem to remain good as new for as long as they do. A protector forms a barrier and keeps the mattress safe from accidental spillage, dust mites and other pollutants. Choose from the widest range of mattress protectors at varying price points.


3. Fitted sheet 

With its easy elasticity, this simple little modern innovation ensures that the sheet hugs the mattress and stays put. No more shifty sheets and exposed mattresses. No more having to straighten up, stretch and tug at your sheets every now and then to set them back in place. Take your pick from our fitted sheets for that perfect tuck with minimum effort!


4. Duvet

Temperature control is key when picking out a good duvet. Look for one that will protect you from the cold while also letting you breathe in warmer weather. Pick the right duvet from a wide variety of fabrics, colours and prints at Home Centre.


5. Quilt

For additional comfort, elegance, and warmth when required, nothing says cosy quite like a quilt does!


6. Euro Shams

Accessories your bed just like they do in hotels, with these large square pillows in coordinating colours. 


7. Pillow protectors

Hotel pillows are perfectly spotless and odour free. Make sure your pillows have pillow protectors. This keeps them clean and free of funky smells. 


8. Pillows

No bed is complete without the perfect pillows. Go for ergonomic ones with lumbar support if you need to or stick to the comfort of memory foam. Dress them up in all-white pillow covers or contrasting colours if you prefer.


9. Extra cushions

You can never have enough cushions for that dramatically cosy look.


10. A throw

A throw is the perfect little flourish to add on at the end, to complete and tie in the whole look of the bed. Have fun picking out your favorite one from our curated selection of throws in varying textures, colours and sizes.


Here is a video curated by our team of experts at Home Centre, illustrating all the layers mentioned above -  

Follow these steps, and you will never crave the spoils of a hotel bed again. All that goodness will now rest in your very own bed. And the bonus - impressing your next house guest with your spectacular hospitality!