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The art of sleeping: Discover the magic of the perfect mattress!

Sleep allows the body and mind to recharge and rejuvenate. It can mean the difference between good and poor health, and it can decide how well you are able to function the next day. Who knows – good sleep may even hold the key to a long life! 


One of the primary things that determines the quality of your sleep is the quality of the mattress on your bed. Here are some key parameters to keep in mind when setting out to purchase the perfect mattress.


1. Sleeping Position


One may change their sleeping position as many as 36 times a night. The average person does so at least 12 times. When selecting the right mattress, the first thing to consider should be your primary or most preferred sleep position.


A medium-to-firm mattress works best for a stomach sleeper by keeping the spine aligned while you sleep. Medium firmness is recommended for a back sleeper as it provides support and keeps you from sinking in and curving your spine. A soft-to-medium mattress is usually more suitable for a side sleeper as it adjusts easily to the contours of your body. 

Matching your sleep position with the right mattress will ensure that your body has the right support for optimum comfort while asleep.


2.Mattress Material


  • Coir

The most traditional and sustainable type of mattress, coir, is affordable, airy and dry. These are firm mattresses that are made more comfortable by a foam layer on top. This is a good option for you if you are looking for support at an economical price.


  • Spring

Bonnell Spring

Durable and airy, with a good bounce, this one has a traditional feel too. While offering good support, the spring coils are interconnected and do not move independently. This mattress helps you feel elevated, supported and comfortable.

Pocket Spring

Also, durable and airy, this is a premium mattress offering targeted and tailored support. The spring coils are not interconnected and can move independently. This means no partner disturbance and extra bounce. 


  • Foam

PU Foam

Polyurethane foam is bouncy, springy, and the most common, affordable type of foam. It is one of the more natural foams and least harmful to the environment.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is basically PU foam with reinforced chemicals that make it more dense, yet soft and viscous. It contours specifically to the unique curves of your body. Thermosensitivity makes it more responsive to body heat and pressure. This is the kind of mattress you want to sink into. 

HR Foam

High resilience foam is the perfect balance of comfort and support. It is airy, durable and minimises partner disturbance too. This type of foam prioritises spinal alignment and is often used in Orthopaedic mattresses.


3. Mattress Type


This is a key factor when considering durability, comfort, ease of cleaning and price. Read on for a descriptive list of our favourite in-house mattress collection.

  • Restomax Executive: This is available in 4-inch and 5-inch variants and in all sizes (single, twin, queen, and king) and in both coir and foam options. The Restomax coir mattress is a medium-firm mattress. It is suitable for side and back sleepers. The Restomax foam mattress has a soft feel and is better suited for side sleepers. Both are styled in white jacquard with a quilted surface and border, making them simultaneously comfortable and chic. 


  • Restomax Pro: Made of bonnell springs, this is a high-quality mattress with firm edge support that makes it durable and best suited for stomach and side sleepers. Besides, its bounciness adds to the comfort level. These mattresses are available with a layer of memory foam to give it that extra edge, as in this king size mattress with a box top! While the pillow top mattress enhances the plushness. Available in all sizes, with a medium quilting pattern in beige-and-white knitted fabric with contrast piping, this model has a plush appearance.


  • Restomax Elite: These are pocket spring mattresses that allow targeted and tailored support. They are structured to minimise sleep disturbances caused by tossing and turning and are suitable for all types of sleepers. The mattress is soft, offers extra bounce, is anti-microbial, provides protection from bedbugs and is made of breathable fabric. And it's available in both box top and pillow top options. What's more, a large quilting pattern in grey-and-white knitted fabric with contrast piping makes this product visually attractive – as in this queen size mattress with a height of 8 inches!    


  • Restofit Ultima: This is a special orthopaedic mattress that is designed to prioritise spinal alignment and minimise pressure. It offers firm comfort. Made from a combination of high resilience and memory foam or bonded foam, these mattresses have a soft and bouncy top layer with a base layer that emphasises support. An extra-large quilting pattern in white knitted fabric with self-piping enhances the premium feel of this brand as in this 6-inch teen-size mattress with bonded foam and memory foam.


  • Restobox: Restobox is an advanced memory foam mattress crafted to deliver perfect sleep. Its high GSM knitted fabric and cool gel technology facilitates sweat-free slumber and maintains a balanced body temperature. Ideal for all sleepers, it also guarantees zero partner disturbance by eradicating motion transfer resulting from tossing and turning. With state-of-the-art pressure-relieving technology, this Restobox mattress is ideal for people suffering from spinal, shoulder, and hip pain. Its USP is the added convenience of easy storage and portability, thanks to the easy-to-carry box it comes with. 


All the mattress models from the Home Centre collection boast of bedbug protection, breathable fabric, no-turn-required construction, and antimicrobial technology. No matter which of these thoughtfully designed mattresses you select, you can be assured of getting the best features and optimum value at every price point! Browse our entire mattress collection and take your first step towards perfecting the art of sleeping!