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Asian Dishes for a top-notch oriental meal

One of the best things about Asia is the diverse cuisines it brings to the table. From the vibrant lanes of small-town India to the chirpy farmers’ markets in China, from the tranquil shrines in Japan to the pleasant countryside in South Korea – every region has an eclectic milieu of flavours, ingredients, and dishes to offer. That is why you will always see tourists thronging every space – right from upscale restaurants to bustling streets. But the great thing about food is that you don’t need to always travel to experience a culture different from yours. You can bring all of Asia right to your kitchen if you know the right recipes. That is why Home Centre in collaboration with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar has curated a list of easy-to-cook Asian recipes that will blow your mind and your tastebuds! Read on to know the recipes of 5 assorted Asian dishes.


Japanese Dorayaki



If you have ever watched Doraemon (yes, even in the background as your kid blasts it through your home), you must have seen Doraemon munching on the little cartoon pancake-type cakes called ‘Dora cakes’. Dora cakes are nothing but Japanese Dorayaki that are an absolute confectionary delight. They consist of two pancake-like patties and have a generous filling of sweet azuki bean paste. But you can also put your own twist and choose to add other fillings like chocolate or honey. All you need is a mixing bowl to keep an eye on getting the portions of the ingredients right and a non-stick frypan with a trusty pour ladle to make the pancakes.


South Korean Ojingyeo Muchim


South Korea has taken the world by storm first through its cosmetic industry, then through its K-dramas and K-pop music, and now through traditional and contemporary Korean food. Korean food offers bursts of colours and flavours and has the quirkiest of ingredients. While you might judge fried squid (Ojingyeo Muchim) at first, once you taste it, you will not get enough of the crunchy salad snack. Infused with notes of pepper and Korean red chilli paste, this dish is a treat for the tastebuds. To cook this to the T, you need a sturdy yet lightweight grill pan and some easy-pick side bowls for the dressing.


Singaporean Rojak



Singaporean Rojak is another healthy side salad that is easy to cook. You could say it is the Singaporean chaat that is famous for its dual sweet and savoury notes. Other Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia have their own variants of Rojak too. Rojak contains an ensemble of paneer (tofu), unique Singaporean sauces, and green mangoes (or any fruits that have a tangy taste), among bean sprouts and peanuts to give it a nice crunch. The salad needs several cooking and prepping tools – including a handy lemon squeezer, a wide-brimmed kadhai, and a mixing bowl and dressing bowl. Trust us – you won’t regret making this one!


Pad Thai noodles




Ah! The aroma and taste-rich Pad Thai noodles. You will find Pad Thai noodles are a staple at almost every Thai and even non-Thai restaurant in India because of the dish’s immense popularity and ability to please everyone. Pad Thai noodles use flat rice noodles, a generous number of veggies, and an array of distinctive sauces, including oyster sauce, fish sauce, and chilli sauce. You can also add paneer or chicken to it, as per your preference. To make Pad Thai noodles to perfection, you need to get the sauce and spice proportions right. You also require a non-stick frypan or kadhai to cook the veggies and noodles till they are crispy, and deep serve ware to enjoy the dish.


Indonesian Nasi Goreng



If you have a taste for everything spicy, then you must give the Indonesian Nasi Goreng a try! Nasi Goreng is the Indonesian version of fried rice (with a sunny-side-up fried egg) and requires traditional Indian ingredients like white rice, onion, garlic, and red chilli. As per your preference, you can add chicken and prawns to the dish. The Nasi Goreng is a classic balance between trying something new yet feeling at home. To make it well, you need a frying pan that can withstand high flames and a reliable chopping board.


The next time you want to try something new, give these eccentric Asian recipes a try. They won’t eat away at your time and will be immensely satisfying. Now, you don’t even have to sit through unnecessarily long cooking videos; our how-to recipes with talented chef Ranveer Brar will give you everything you need to know. So, what are you waiting for - Get, set, cook!