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Beat the Heat This Summer with 4 Tempting Coolers and Treats

Is this summer heat getting to you already?  We all know the feeling – lethargy sets in, and the last thing you want is a heavy meal or a drink that weighs you down. But fear not, as this blog is your one-stop shop for cool, refreshing drinks and delightful desserts that'll tantalise your taste buds and keep you cool all summer long.


So, grab your blender, snag a spoon, and unlock the key to summer bliss with these refreshing recipes. Let’s get started.


Masala Chai Ice Cream



Spice up your summer with the magic of masala chai! This masala chai ice cream recipe is like a cool hug in the scorching heat.


Creamy full-fat milk infused with warming cardamon, a hint of black pepper, and fiery cinnamon sticks—and your fusion game is on. Swirl in a cloud of luxurious cream, then whisper in a touch of flavoured honey for a sweet, spiced symphony on your tongue. It's the perfect way to beat the heat and indulge in your chai cravings.


Paan Shots



Is the summer heat leaving you feeling like a wilted paan leaf?  Well, ditch the boring and indulge in a pool of refreshing flavour with this paan shots recipe!


Crushed paan leaves blended with cool coconut, cardamom powder and a pinch of powdered sugar for sweetness, it's the ultimate flavour fiesta! A drop of green food colouring supes them up into tiny green grenades of deliciousness, ready to explode with flavour in your mouth.


This is the ultimate summer soother and way cooler than just chomping on a leaf. Grab your blender because your taste buds are about to have a flavour fiesta!


Lauki, Tulsi and Chia Seed Raita



Liven things up with this lauki, tulsi and chia seed raita recipe! Cool, refreshing lauki meets the holy goodness of tulsi for a taste bud blessing. Throw in some chia seeds for protein power, then crank it up a notch with roasted crushed peanuts for a creamy crunch.


Black pepper peeks in for a party, while the Himalayan salt joins the fun, and a touch of ghee ties it all together. This side dish is a cool, happy escape for your taste buds!


Coffee Kulfi


Need a caffeine kick that's cooler than a cold coffee? Conquer the heatwave with a delicious coffee kulfi recipe, a frozen treat that will perk you right up! This ain't your average ice cream. We're talking rich, creamy coffee infused with caramelised condensed milk for an extra touch of sweetness!


A sprinkle of cinnamon powder adds a warm hug and chopped pistachios provide a delightful crunch. It's the perfect way to cool down and satisfy your coffee cravings – all without turning on the oven! Get your blending game on, and be ready to make some magic!


The Final Toast to Refreshing Treats!


Summer heat might be blazing, but you can stay refreshingly cool with this treasure trove of frosty drinks and delightful treats. For those seeking a taste of tradition with a modern twist, our lauki, tulsi, and chia seed raita is the perfect side dish to keep you chilled.


And if you need a cool caffeine fix, dive into our coffee kulfi—a frozen masterpiece guaranteed to perk you right up!


Fire up your blender, grab a spoon, and ditch the summer blues! With this cool-down kit of delicious recipes at your fingertips, you're just moments away from pure summer refreshment.


Let your taste buds take a vacation to "Flavourtown" and conquer the heat deliciously!