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Butterfly Dining – Big idea for a small dining space.

He said, “There’s no space for a dining set in our home.”

She replied, “There’s always enough space for a butterfly.”

Making most of small spaces is where the art of home making comes into play. Maximizing space by picking right furniture is quintessential to awaken the life in any small room.

When space is at premium, mix & match butterfly range has versatile, table, chair, and stool options to suit every dining area – compactly styled to fold or glide neatly away once the mealtimes are over.

Here’s how you pick your butterfly dining set.

Step 1: Select your table

Butterfly 2-seater fold & rotate dining table

Perfect for compact living & great for couples living in their new apartment, this handy table features fold & rotate design.


Butterfly 4-seater rectangular dining table

Great for seating up to four people in a smaller room, this handy table has a neat white storage unit beneath and in-built easy-glide castors.


Butterfly 4-seater extendable dining table

Great value compact dining doesn’t get more portable and practival than this modern dining table. Use it as a 4-seater when you are with your family and extend it to a 6-seater when you have guests at home.



Butterfly 6-seater extendable dining table

Ideal for compact spaces, this modern 6-seater table has a neat white unit below including a two-door cabinet and open storage area. Use is at a 6-Seater or a 4-seater according to your requirements.


Step 2: Select your chairs/stools

Butterfly Stools

Set of two compact stools ideal for any table


Butterfly folding chair

Compact chair, ideal for easy folding.



Butterfly upholstered folding chair

Made of versatile faux leather. Foldable & compact.



Erin dining chairs

Smartly styled premium dining chair with gently curved back.



Step 3: Make your own space saving mix and match dining set