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Cherish your beautiful bond with a meaningful Raksha Bandhan gift!

The bond between siblings is special, between adult siblings, more. So, while you may have expressed your love for each other by gifting chocolates, sweets, jewellery, or clothes in the past, today, meaningful gifts are more relevant, considering their impact on the receiver. Wondering how? Well, if you think about it, you can give anyone a box of treats, flowers or even money. But a gift is more intimate and has sentimental value when you've thoughtfully purchased it, keeping in mind the personality and interests of the receiver. And since Raksha Bandhan is an occasion to let your sister know how much you value and admire her, give her a gift that is in line with her taste and persona. 


Every bond and every sibling are unique. And so, we have curated a list of special gifts to match different personalities.


The Fashionista




She is the one with impeccable taste and is always persuading everyone to keep up with trends. She helps you put your best foot forward every time by keeping your dress sense in check and making sure you stay clear of any major fashion faux pas. Her home is filled with interesting artefacts and little elements that pay rich tribute to her personal taste. Surprise her with your sense of style. Make a beautiful gift set of select items from our aesthetic line of watercolour printed tableware.


The Lady Boss




She is the achiever in the family, perhaps even the overachiever. She is tough on others and herself. Punctual, committed, and organised, you can count on her for advice and for holding everyone accountable for their actions. She is the one you admire! She loves being organised, so why not a gift that would help her keep her kitchen organised. This functional range of modular storages will make the best gifts for her.


The Perfect Host




The ultimate people pleaser who often hosts get-togethers for family and friends. Whether the food is homemade or ordered in, there’s always attention to detail in everything she does. She keeps a good home and gives the most thoughtful gifts. By understanding everyone in the family intimately, she tries to anticipate their needs. She has the biggest heart, and you always feel welcome and cared for at her home. And call her at any time of the day, and she will make time for you. So, this Raksha Bandhan make her feel special too! These multicoloured range of fragrances will radiate joy and positive vibes in her home. 


The Bookworm




She is a voracious reader who loves to spend all her free time buried in a book. During conversations, she quotes from stories or poems and always suggests good reads. Everyone in the family sees her as a smart one as she has a way with words. So, a perfect gift for her would be something to do with reading. Since finding a book that she hasn't read or might find interesting is hard to find, pick a quirky, cute or elegant bookend. Such a gift will remind her of you every time she picks a book, which is very often. 


The Activist




She is a pillar of strength, always fighting for worthy causes and keeping everyone aware of social issues. Every conversation with her is coloured with the same stroke of passion and insight. She is a crusader and an independent spirit. A feminist and an equalist, her home embody all the values she upholds. She keeps her home decor simple and mindful, devoid of ostentatious display. This line of charming pop street tableware will please her and let her know that you admire her attitude.


Raksha Bandhan is unique to Indian culture. Nowhere else will you find a whole festival to celebrate the special bond between siblings. This Raksha Bandhan, surprise your sister with the perfect gift – something that celebrates who she is to you and what she brings to your life.


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