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Diwali gifts that appreciates your loved one’s personality

Haven’t you wondered how wonderful Indian festivities are? The traditions, the scent of poojas, the flavours of home-made delicacies, the euphonious tunes of mantras and the magic of sharing all the moments with your dear ones. The age-old gifting tradition makes Diwali much more personal. Over the years, gifts may have changed but the tradition remained strong; even when the world stood still for a while.


Now imagine the joy gifts would bring to you and your loved ones if you made the right choices? Be remembered for your creativity, love and empathy by giving gifts that match your loved one’s personality.


For the Perfect Host



Have a person in your life who has an eye for ambience? Whether it be getting the home ready for meet-ups or setting the stage for serving a feast, his/her attention to detail is something you adore. Give a pat on their back by gifting them what they love - fine crockery, serveware and cutlery and assure them you are in love with their personality!


For the Masterchef



We all have that masterchef friend/relative who loves cooking for us - whether it be birthday, Diwali, Christmas or just a casual get-together, they are on top of it. Take this opportunity to thank them for their kindness with gifts they love and remember you for - Colourful pots & pans, versatile kitchen tools, space-saving stackable storage canisters and much more!


For the Decor Lover


Ornate t-lights, divine home fragrances, aesthetic vases and accents to please the decor lover friend. Your dearest one would not only love these gifts but also be delighted that you approve of their personality and style.


For the Enlightened



There is nothing better than taking time to reflect and connect with your spiritual self, isn’t it? And there is at least one dear one in our life who appreciates values, spirituality and self-awareness. It’s time to tell them and reassure them we love their unique personality. Here’s a collection that would connect with him/her.


For the Plant Lover



Be it in between a party, a road trip, or even a function, this person stops to take a peek at a plant or a planter. He/she not only owns plants but also loves to hoard them in case of a plant-emergency. Let’s all agree they have the best taste in decorating their home and offer the right DIY tips for plants in your homes too. Let’s make this Diwali special for them by giving them the love of their life - Plants & Planters.


For the Planet Lover



When this person talks, we can’t help but think twice about all that we have been doing wrong to the environment. Yes, we are talking about planet lovers who enjoy festivities by being environmentally conscious. Let’s be right in giving them what they would appreciate rather than what we love - planet-friendly gifts. Here is an array of options you can pick for them.


Now all you must do is wrap it with love and gift. Don’t forget to note the reaction on their faces - because you haven’t just gifted, you have appreciated their personality for which they will forever remember you.