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Diwali-Ready Home Decor in Five Easy Steps

Diwali is a widely celebrated and much-anticipated festival for Indians globally. Naturally, you would have been looking forward to the arrival of this festive season and would want your house to be spotless and welcoming. You simply must set up everything for the imminent festivities so you can stay relaxed while participating in all the rituals and celebrations. 

Home Centre has put together a five-step checklist to ensure that your home (and you) is ready to sparkle!


1. Lighting



Diwali is the festival of lights, so it is logical that we begin with lighting. Lights can be used to add a warm glow with an understated effect, or to brighten up and entirely illuminate the ambience. Factors to consider when selecting and customising your lighting needs are the size and style of your home, and the mood you are aiming for. Would you prefer all-out festive glam or minimal elegance? While string lights are ideal for the external walls of your home, diyas go well on the edge of your verandah or at your doorstep, and cage lanterns or hanging lights are perfect for the living room. This ethereal Ganesha tea light holder is a perfect example of how even the smallest lighting effect can go a long way in emphasising the festive spirit.


2. Ambience



Setting the perfect backdrop for the celebrations is your next priority. Once you are done with all the cleaning and decluttering, look at your surroundings and decide the mood you want to convey in both the private and common areas of the house. Home decor items like table and wall accents, cushion covers, and curtains can all be coordinated for a more warm and celebratory atmosphere. Select the colours, fabrics, and decor items according to your chosen colour scheme. Warm hues like reds, oranges, and yellows work best to convey the spirit of Diwali, but nothing says ‘festive’ quite like gold does. And gold goes with everything! These bold coloured cushion covers with gold brocade are the perfect accent to add a dash of colour and glam to your living room.


3.Comfort factor



Making your family members and house guests feel welcome and comfortable should be your next priority. In pandemic times, celebrations are largely carried out at home. Your home is where much of the festive activity will take place. When guests are taken care of, the host is satisfied and at ease. Take a look at our festive collection of bedding to ensure your loved ones will want nothing more than to bask in the splendour of your hospitality and to thank you profusely when they leave! This classic double bed coverlet set is vibrant, lightweight, and crafted from mercerised cotton.


4. Table set-up



The festive table is at the centre of every celebration. It is at the table that all the festive food and fervour is savoured and shared. Apart from making sure your table has everything needed well within reach, you will want to ensure that your table is attractive and a source of unbridled joy to all who gather around it. To this end, first select a colour palette consisting of at least three hues. The lightest colour will be your base colour and the colour of your table cloth. Select a runner in the boldest colour of the three. Placemats can be in the leftover mid-tone hue. Crockery can be in different shades of the same mid-tone colour, or all white. Then come the glasses, cutlery, and finally the centrepiece. These can have bold metallic accents to further offset the matte background and to keep to the festive theme. 

For further ideas, refer to this comprehensive guide to setting your table restaurant-style.



No party is ever complete without the added ‘spirits’ to boot. Your adult family members will feel encouraged to loosen up while appreciating your sense of style and attention to detail as they sample your comprehensive collection. A well-stocked and sufficiently accessorised bar enhances every celebration and this festive season is no different. Browse our carefully curated selection of barware to make sure you have everything you need. 

This Diwali, Home Centre is back with the latest trends for the festive season. Traditional at heart but contemporary in outlook, our festive collection boasts of beautiful lanterns, plush cushions, and sparkling decor items, among loads of other festive accoutrements in store. Follow this guide above to ensure a seamless home-prepping experience for you – and for a smooth and enjoyable celebration for all!.