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A Guide to winter ready Bedding

There is a chill in the air and the most-awaited time of the year is here! Having put the sweltering heat behind us, winters have brought with it fresh air, awesome food, cosy mornings, and more. This also means digging out your warm clothes, winter bedding and Quilts or razai’s, as they are popularly called in India, from your almari.



Your bedding plays a crucial role in keeping you snug and stylish during the colder months.  Before you go shopping and indulge in new bedding, we have put together a few tips for creating the perfect winter-ready bedding ensemble and transforming your bedroom into a warm and inviting sanctuary.


1. Choosing Quilts – a warm hug everyone needs



Quilts play an important role in keeping you warm during the winter months. There are different types of quilts and blankets available to choose from depending on the intensity of the cold.


Throw: These are small, usually decorative blankets that are often used for extra warmth and added style in home decor. Throws are typically smaller than standard blankets, making them easy to drape over sofas, chairs, or beds for both functional and aesthetic purposes. These can be made from a variety of materials, including fleece, cotton, wool, acrylic, or a blend of these. The choice of material affects the throw's warmth, texture, and appearance.


Dohar: These are lightweight blankets made of a cotton cover and lightly layered with cotton sheet. Dohars come in beautiful prints and are ideal for places such as Mumbai that see mild winters.


Quilt: These are typically made of three layers—a top decorative fabric, a middle layer of batting (insulating material), and a bottom layer of backing material. What sets them apart from dohars is that quilts are thicker and have decorative stitching to hold the padding in place. The amount of insulation in a quilt can vary, depending on the weight of the padding used and these are best for relatively cold regions.


Comforter:  These are the traditional razais used in India. They are usually one thick, fluffy layer of insulating material (such as down, feathers, or synthetic fibres) encased in a decorative fabric shell and quilted lightly to keep the fluff. Comforters are primarily designed for warmth. They are often used as the main blanket on a bed, and they may be paired with additional layers like sheets and bedspreads.


Duvet:  A duvet is a soft, flat bag filled with down feathers, or synthetic fibres, designed to be inserted into a duvet cover, which is a removable fabric cover that protects the duvet. The separate cover can be easily removed and washed. You will see duvets being used most often in luxurious hotels. But there is no reason you shouldn’t experience the same luxury at home.


If you're using both a blanket and a quilt, put the quilt down first, then the blanket. Fold both back so that all the textures and colours are visible. Alternatively, fold the quilt longways and lay it across the foot of the bed. Whatever way you choose to layer, keep the different colours and designs of the top of the bed visible for an elegant style.


2. Add Seasonal Decorative Pillows



Add decorative pillows for a touch of winter charm and bring freshness. Winter-themed pillow covers and patterns like snowflakes and warm color schemes like deep reds, rich blues, and forest greens will add a visual interest to the bed. A good mix of velvet, satin, cotton, faux fur and yarn weaving makes for a dynamic, full-looking bed. Stack pillows in the shape of a pyramid on its side, gradually tapering off in width. Be sure to fluff up the pillows to fill out the headboard space.


3. Remember to change your beddings regularly!  



As lovely as the winters are, they bring with them their own set of challenges. With the air being moist, there are chances of more dirt coming into your homes. Bugs and bacteria can also gather on your clothes, shoes and bags and ultimately find their way into your bed. Moreover, dust mites and bed bugs can also increase in the warmth of your bed. The best way to deal with this is to wash your beddings often.


Experts recommend changing your bedding every week and exposing your blankets to the sun as often as possible. Not only will this ensure a hygienic and sterile environment, it will also help you sleep better. After all, everyone loves the feeling of sleeping on freshly washed sheets.


Not only are the winters idyllic to indulge in cosy blankets for yourself, but they also make for a superb gifting option. With the wedding season in full swing, you can gift bedding sets to newly married couples. It will be definitely appreciated as beddings are something they can really use.  We have curated a range of bedding specifically to welcome winters – whether it be dohars, quilts, comforters, duvets, bedding, or other furnishings!


From choosing the right materials to adding decorative elements, creating a cosy retreat has never been so simple. Embrace the season with open arms and a well-prepared bed that invites you to unwind in comfort and style. There is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate, a book and a quilt to make you forget all your worries and enjoy the season!


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