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How to design a balcony garden for your home

Do you live in an apartment? No worries! You can still create your own little oasis in the form of a balcony garden. Lusciously green and exuding fresh air, it can be your very own flora-filled escape sanctuary. Excited? Here are some expert tips and tricks that can help you build a haven for yourself – even if you don’t have a particularly green thumb.


Measure How Much Sunlight You Get


The first thing to do is gauge how much direct and indirect sunlight your balcony gets. The plants you buy will depend on this. If your balcony gets a lot of direct sunlight, you can put aloe vera, morning glory, jade, or veggies such as lettuce, mint, curry leaves, or basil. If it’s mostly in the shade, go for ferns, begonias, money plant, hydrangea, or veggies such as arugula, spinach, beet, carrot, garlic, scallion, etc.


Choose The Right Planters



The right planter or pots will ensure that your plants flourish and remain healthy. They also add wonderfully to the aesthetic of your balcony garden. You can get planters in all sizes, colours, and shapes at Home Centre – from cute little planters to keep on a shelf or table, to larger ones for bigger plants, to wall planters or hanging planters. If you have to deal with space constraints, these are a great way to build a vertical garden.


Add Creepers and Vines To The Mix



A great way to create a cosy retreat for yourself is by adding creepers and vines. You can grow them in pots and give them support by fixing a trellis or tie them to the balcony railings and watch them bloom. There are a lot of climbers to choose from – bougainvillea, money plant, morning glory, devil’s ivy, etc. The green cover will add a charming look to your balcony garden.


Use The Right Soil and Compost


Don’t use just any dirt. Make sure you buy soil that is designed for pots and planters. You can get it at the local nursery where you buy your plants. Make sure to add the right compost to give your plants the nutrients they need. Again, you should be able to buy this from the local nursery. Alternatively, you can use home-made compost tea.


Water Your Plants Correctly



Every plant needs a particular amount of water to thrive. Research how much water your plants need and whether you should water daily, twice a day, or once in 3-4 days. Over-watering can also kill your plants. If you live in a windy area, your plants will need more water. Summers too will require frequent watering. The kind of planters you use will also impact the amount of water needed. If you use terracotta pots, you will need to water more often, as compared to fibreglass or plastic ones.


Get Some Awesome Outdoor Furniture



Outdoor furniture will make your balcony garden look great. Whether you want to sip some tea in the midst of nature, read a book, listen to Kishore Kumar, or entertain guests, comfortable garden furniture will elevate the experience. Home Centre has a wide range of folding chairs, chair pads, tables, stools, benches, and more. You can choose from various materials such as wrought iron, wicker, solid wood, bamboo, glass, etc. so that your furniture is in sync with the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.


With a little time and lots of love, you will soon have your own slice of paradise!