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How to enhance the functionality of your kitchen

Time to plan the functionalities of the base unit, overhead wall cabinets, and tall units. You can get the best exterior finishes with the most durable raw material and get the best design in terms of look and application but if the cabinets are not made efficiently functional you would miss comfort while using your kitchen which is one of the important expected deliverables of modular Kitchen.


  • Base units 


Base units are designed to keep heavy storage like utensils, pots and pans, Groceries, plates, cups and saucers, cutleries, etc. So how would you like to store these items, randomly or in an organized way?? Have you noticed how many times you would find the unused food item in your kitchen just because it was out of sight?? Well, there are some suggestions which would help you to make much more functional base cabinets.


- Add pull-out unit to keep spice bottles, oil dispensers, etc. Pull out unit provides full visibility and make it very easy to access any item.

- Instead of the base unit with shelf cabinets (especially the one to keep heavy storage) use the drawers’ system. It increases the load-bearing capacity of that cabinet and increases the space for storage.

- Soft closing motion of drawers will make it very easy to open and close even the fully-loaded drawer.

- If you don’t want any item to tumble inside add anti-skid matt.

- Full extension drawer system would make the entire cabinet accessible.

- Add drawer organizers to make dedicated space for items- It even further makes the easy reach to the hand at the time when it is required.

- Add a high front drawer unit for keeping high grocery containers.

- If budget is constrained add pull-out baskets instead of drawers.

- Add under sink accessories to keep all types of cleaning agents in an organized way.

- Corner, a place with most storage capacity but most difficult to access right?? Add corner accessories which had good weight holding capacity, smooth in motion, best in space utilization of corner, and come out of the cabinet to provide full accessibility in your base corner cabinet.  


  • Wall cabinets


It is difficult to access the top shelves in wall cabinets, you would have missed out on using some food items because it was out of sight and how many times shutters in open position have made you blind in accessing the adjacent wall unit?? There are some suggestions to increase the Overhead wall cabinets efficiency

- Add lift ups in wall cabinets to get the accessibility to the adjacent unit also.

- With lift- ups one can open the cabinet for usage till the time you are cooking and using that cabinet. With a shelf unit, you need to open and close over time to avoid hurting yourself.  

- Further enhancement can be done by adding touch to the open mechanism.

- Add pull-down wall unit accessories in a cabinet which you would use very frequently. It provides accessibility to the upper level of the cabinet also.

- You can add a ladder unit on the shelf cabinet shutter to keep frequently used spice bottles and oil dispensers.

- Add a well-designed glass tray and plate tray in the overhead cabinet above the sink unit to keep the glass and plate after washing till the time it dries out.


  • Tall units


The very purpose of a tall unit to provide vertical storage for all consumable items. This cabinet should have high storage capacity and accessibility to all items at all levels as these items need to be consumed and you should be aware of what needs to replenish also to avoid last minute shopping before you start cooking your favorite dish. You should able to access the highest level of this cabinet. Will you get all this smartness in a tall unit with just shelves ?? answer is no and here are some suggestions


- Add a tall unit accessory of your choice which covers all your requirements.

- Tall unit accessory provides 3 or 2 side access depending upon your selection.

- These accessories increase the accessibility close to 100%

- Accessory should have smooth motion while opening otherwise it would be very difficult to open the fully loaded unit.

- If the budget is not constrained, you can choose to have a soft closing accessory also that would provide synchronized motion while closing too even with load and items will not fall.

- You can add internal drawers if you want to access one level at a time but here the top level would be shelf only.

- If opting for a Built-in tall unit for appliances like Oven/microwave. Drawers at the bottom with drawer organizer creates a dedicated space for all microwave/oven utensils and miscellaneous products


To know and discuss more functionality of kitchen cabinets, please contact us. Our kitchen consultant would be pleased to have an in-depth discussion.