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How to give your bedroom space a colourful transition?

Calming, serene and comfortable, are the words that describe an ideal bedroom. With our hectic schedules and crazy lifestyles, everybody wants a place to rejuvenate and relax. There is no better space than our bedrooms.

Bring contemporary style to the way you sleep with our range of long-lasting and attractive bedroom furniture Create a complete look by colour coordinating it based on your choices.

Here is how to get it right.


Everything is better in PURPLE




Focus on textures and materials to give a luxe touch to your bedroom. Rooted in classic craftsmanship for ultimate comfort, this collection is roused by imperial aesthetics such as purple and gold hues and medallion patterns.

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Paint it RED



Artistic by design, sophisticated by nature. Bring a profound sense of drama and warmth to your bedroom space with sumptuous textures and modern tones of red.

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TEAL the moments


Embrace elegance with geometric patterns with a mix of teal and yellow tones that shine by day and soothe at night. It will not only create a unique statement but also give a cool and calming oasis to your space.

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BLACK & WHITE is world



Clean look, stylish tones and smart characteristics, is what a B&W can bring into your space. Take control over your home’s ambience with monochromatic furnishings.

Feel at home with monochrome!

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Get the GOLD



There is nothing more decadent than a gold interior. It doesn’t mean that you must go all gilding, just few glimpses of gold tones in your bedroom can instantly turn your room from meh to marvellous.

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Time to give a timeless look to your bedroom that you will cherish for years to come.