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How I wish my wardrobe was never-ending

Seasons define style; as seasons change, so do the trending fashion tips. But that doesn’t mean you wave goodbye to your last season clothes, shoes, and cosmetics! 

We understand the importance of categorizing your essentials in a wardrobe as per the age and the usage of the clothes. They can be categorized in the following four sections:

  1. The ones that can be never be used again yet cannot be discarded.
  2. The ones that are little too tight but still hold the hope of being fit into later.
  3. The ones that are not-too-new yet not-too-old.
  4. Finally, the ones that are your absolute favorites.

Would you believe us if we said that building and structuring a wardrobe is a science and there has been a lot of research done in this field? A cluttered, disorganized wardrobe is a real struggle and it needs a lot more of research and a real-time solution.

We know there have been infinite times you were unnecessarily blamed for filling up cupboards in every single room of your house; be it your husband who has just the one shelf in the entire wardrobe, or your mother-in-law whose sarees were replaced by your cocktail dresses, or your son himself whose clothes aren’t important enough to be kept inside. Little do they understand your struggle of not having enough space to fit your combinations!

We can only pray that someone flicks a magic wand and casts a spell. What a wonderful thing it would be to see that your wardrobe has one more door added to accommodate all those beautiful things you picked up to rock that cocktail party!

Can we tell you a secret? We have a magic wand!