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Know what’s trending and update your home style!

Keeping up with seasonal home decor trends can seem daunting. After all, how often can you change the look of your home? The trick is to pick the trends that best suit your style and needs – elements that will likely remain relevant even beyond their popular shelf life. 


Your home decor defines who you are. It informs people of your style, your knowledge of global trends, and the values that make up your personality. So, while decorating your home, establish yourself as trendy and woke. Stay a step ahead of your peers by expressing your distinctive style, individuality, and the ideals you uphold. Trends will come and go, but the things that reflect who you are will continue to remain relevant long after. 


Must-try trends


The modern trendsetter is someone whose values are clearly and proudly woven into their fashion sense, their health choices, their cars, their offices and consequently, their homes. At Home Centre, we aim to keep abreast with international trends while not losing sight of your specific needs. Our latest triad series – Honeybee Collection, Her Power Collection, and Alchemy Collection – help you decorate your homes in a manner that tells your guests who you are and where you stand in the world. Allow us to take you on a journey of inspiration, showcase our vision for each collection, explain how they came to be, and share some of our personal favourites. 


The Honeybee Collection



This collection is for the conscientious modern professional who embraces green values like sustainability and conservation. A timely ensemble, also reflecting the colours of the year 2021 – grey and yellow - this collection showcases the honeybee motif that has emerged as an enduring symbol for the primary issues commanding the world's attention today - climate change awareness and sustainability. So, as a responsible citizen and an environmentally conscious consumer who tries to make eco-friendly choices, why not let your home reflect the values you hold dear? Showcase your support and belief in the co-existence of all species for the betterment of the ecosystem with soft furnishings that subtly hints at saving the earth. For instance, to boldly ascertain your environmental sensitivity, arrange Honeybee Embroidered Cotton Cushions on your living room cushion. It is also a great way to stir up conversations about nature conversation with guests.


Her Power Collection



This collection is for the trailblazer and emphatic supporter of equality and women's rights. Let your passionate humanitarian spirit shine not just through your words but also your home.  If you are a feminist, let your home announce and proclaim your firebrand attitude. With crockery and tableware that symbolise women empowerment, let the female iconography and powerful feminist motifs become the topic of stimulating conversations with your guests. Let them be impressed by the strong, confident women that populate the painterly illustrations in the Her Power collection. This way, the aura of your home will represent inclusiveness, equality, and a global outlook.


Alchemy Collection



This collection is for someone with a refined sense of style and has a discerning eye for finer things. Globally, design trends are leaning into the luxurious old-world charm and a revival of the art deco style. Regal and restrained, the home decor in this range will add a touch of grandeur and grace to your home style.  Inspired by the decadence of emerald and gold, in patterns that evoke the art deco era, this collection channels luxury, elegance, and sophistication. Filigree and intricate metalwork adorn the designs of our decorative home accessories. The emerald tones in this collection also synchronize with the global trend of green and earthy hues. A hot favourite from this collection is this beautiful Alchemy Vase.

When you spend more time at home than ever before, comfort is key, and functionality is vital. Multipurposing of spaces has become the norm; a bedroom can now also include a gym, a living room can also serve as a home office, and a bathroom can be your private home spa. Global trends reflect this transition. Everywhere, people are making changes to turn their homes into the multifunctional spaces they are now required to be. Be a part of the global transition and update your home in a manner that makes a statement about who you are in the world!