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Modify your kitchen space. Say hello to Colorful Kitchens.

21st century kitchens are no more a sheer place for cooking. They are the central hub of the home and an easily approachable socializing spot. It’s a place where the best aesthetics in your house should come on display. And, most importantly, this open space stands wide and tall to invite abundant opinions from your friendly comrades on your taste in style, your skills in organizing, your idea of cooking, and your talent in presenting. So, we have renamed every kitchen as the ‘judging spot’.





Taking this as a challenge, there are many ways to turn your ‘Judging spot’ to a pleasingly beautiful and functionally high-end destination. We present to you the ‘My Colourful Kitchen’ range that aces every aesthetic concerns in your kitchen & cooking with its wide array of colours and promises functional benefits with solution to every kitchen problem. This means ‘My Colourful Kitchen’ takes care of every kitchen woes from organizing, preparing, cooking, storing, to serving and impressing. Cheers! 


In the words of Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, “The Indian kitchens that are dominated by black, white and steel gets a new look with this catalogue of products that turns your kitchen to a happy and colourful place.”



Starting with the handpicked ‘Chefs special’ range curated by Chef Ranveer Brar, there isn’t a need to think twice. Bright pots and pans with colourful silicone handles to tools in coordinated colours, these designs are based on international trends. 


When the fun and aesthetic problem gets solved with colours and trends, the functional problem gets locked with brilliant kitchen solutions. Cluttered kitchen? Organise your kitchen with ‘Smart organisers.’ Lack of space to store all your kitchen essentials? Bring home ‘Store and more’ pantry solutions - all your storage problems solved in the most space saving manner.



Taking time for preparation? Make your life in kitchen 10 times easier with the super cool gadgets and gizmos that redefines cooking. Not an expert at Outdoor cooking? Say hello to ‘grill and barbecue’ range that makes outdoor cooking as easy as cranking up the heat. Not sure on what to serve? Browse through the catalogue and impress your guests with the most beautiful serving range.



While you have scored a 100 on 100 reading this article, it’s time to score a 100/100 on your ‘judging spot.’ Find your ‘My Colourful Kitchen’ catalogue full of ideas to redefine your kitchen here.