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Optimism is trending. Channel positivity into your home style

The world as we know it has been permanently altered. The arrival of the pandemic has transformed our lives and made us reconsider our priorities. People and organisations at every level have been compelled to rethink and evolve new ways to function and thrive. And design trends are responding to this current climate in the world at large.


Home Centre is committed to staying up to date with the changing landscape and being sensitive to the need to adapt and flourish. ‘Evolve or be left behind’ is the new mantra. Here’s a preview of our brand-new series, put together by our cutting-edge design team, with the aim to encourage and inspire the trendsetter in you. 

Allow us to keep you up to date with the latest micro trends.


Pomegranate Collection



This collection channels prosperity and abundance. Abstract pomegranate motifs with a contemporary twist populate this ensemble for a stylized effect. The Babylonians believed pomegranate seeds made them invulnerable, the Greeks associated it with love, and ancient religions across the globe have ascribed fertility and eternal life to the rich-hued fruit. Add all these values to the ambience of your home to keep fears and negative vibes at bay. Trendsetters are also visionaries, people with the ability to look ahead of their time. Set the right tone for your home with life-affirming motifs like this pomegranate vase. Let your guests be inspired by you when they find your home an oasis of beauty and wellness.


Lark Cushion Collection



Inspired by the power of positivity, this collection redefines everyday living by adding motivation as the primary accent to your home style. Upbeat slogans on cushions add a touch of fun, optimism, and reassurance to your home environment at a time when you need it the most. These whimsical designs are exclusive to our cushion covers and come in a wide range of options. Trendsetters are optimists by default. Be a beacon of hope and optimism to all who enter your home with this printed velvet cushion inviting them to ‘get happy’. 


Into The Wild Collection



Inspiring us to be strong and brave in current times, this collection represents strength, with impactful motifs in black, white, and gold. Wild animals are inherently courageous. They live life in the moment, unafraid of the next big obstacle or predator. Trendsetters are similarly daring and dauntless. Be a source of inspiration to friends and family. Let your home reflect all the finer virtues emerging from the ‘new normal’ - especially resilience and fortitude. Welcome your guests for a hot cuppa in this elegant printed cup and saucer from the same collection.


Your home is where you retreat, reboot, and recuperate from all the stresses of the world outside. It is also where you express your personality and your philosophy of life. Look for designs that channel positivity and strength in our latest collections. Be a pillar of life and energy for all who enter your home!