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Recline to relax – How to buy the right recliner

You look for different ways to make the lives of your family members comfortable. So, why not invest in a piece of furniture that redefines comfort and recreation at home? Recliners allow your body to loosen up and rest in a relaxing position. Whether to read, watch TV, breastfeed, or simply sit; every family member can enjoy the benefit of putting their feet up and resting their back, without lying down. 

Recliners are now sought after by people of all ages and all backgrounds. You can now buy a personal recliner for every member of the family, whether young or old! 


How do you find the right recliner for everyone?


For the seniors




After a lifetime of toil and providing for the family, our seniors need more in terms of comfort and support at this stage, and you want the best for them too. When buying a recliner for the elders at home, you will primarily need to consider ease of use, comfort, ergonomics, lumbar support, and ease of cleaning. Recliners with incliners, and electric or powered ones, may be preferable. Models with lift-up mechanisms are better suited for people who have difficulty sitting upright and standing. This electric recliner is perfect for grandma or grandpa. It can be adjusted to any angle according to their requirements and being lightweight it is portable as well.


For working professionals



The recliner has become a much-sought self-reward device of our time. Sinking into the plush comfort of the perfect recliner after a long day can make it all worthwhile. All the stress and anxiety of the daily grind melt away at the push of a button. Even when you’re working from home, it can make the hours fly. Lumbar support is a boon that can spare you the bad back that normally accompanies long hours of sitting in one place. With thoughtful features such as storage space and laptop trays, the right recliner can enhance the convenience of working from home. In addition to it, being a good way to show yourself some appreciation for all the hard work you do, it can also be conducive to productivity. After all, we work better when we are comfortable. Take a look at this plush recliner with adjustable headrest and integrated USB charger, or this elegant lounge style recliner with a swivel mechanism. 


For young adults




In India, we tend to have bigger families and more members living under the same roof. Young people are often faced with the challenge of finding a space of their own. They tend to have more demanding lives, and there is a need for scheduling restful hours or time for mindful activities like reading (many recliners now come with built-in reading lights). This solid recliner with anti-bacterial upholstery is easy to clean and will afford young people some space for ‘me time’ while also making them feel privileged and grateful. You could present it to them as a reward or as a preliminary incentive. 


For pregnant women and the infirm




Recliners have proved invaluable for pregnant women and those with health challenges like asthma, sleep apnea, and sciatica. A recliner is often a great alternative for those with breathing problems and other issues that make sleeping in either prone or lateral positions difficult. Nursing mothers could also benefit from the rocking mechanism on this recliner. The pop-up leg rest, the ability to change positions easily (from reclining to upright and vice versa), lumbar support, and the comfort of layered upholstery are all desirable features to consider. 


For families




Recliners now come with varied seating capacities and in matching sets too. Today, it is easy to put together matching one-seaters, two-seaters, and three-seaters to create an ensemble that can either replace or add to the traditional sofa set in your living room. This means several family members can either enjoy a relaxing quiet time together or binge-watch their favourite programs on television. Recliner sets enhance your quality time with family and will end up as a very rewarding addition to any household.

The main things to consider when buying recliners are the cost vis à vis your budget, the size vis à vis your physique and the space available at home, the intended usage, any must-have additional features, and style aspects like colour and design.

You could watch this video to get a clearer idea. 




Myth: They cannot be easily repaired.
Fact: Recliners can be fixed very easily nowadays, and most come with a warranty.

Myth: They are expensive.
Fact: Several types of recliners are available these days at extremely competitive prices.

Myth: They take up too much space.
Fact: Technology has made it possible to put more features in compact recliners. Now you also, have incliners that take up less space!

Myth: They are only for the old.
Fact: As seen in the popular sitcom FRIENDS, recliners can bring pleasure and comfort to both the young and the old.

Myth: They cannot be a viable alternative to a sofa.
Fact: Recliners are available in two- and three-seater versions, with elegant and stylish designs. This means you can effectively pair two or three pieces to take the place of your traditional sofa set.