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Set the right mood for your home with these coordinated colour palettes!

Switching colours is the easiest way to breathe new life into a space. Change the colour scheme of a room, and the whole place looks brand new! Whether you are looking for a quick change of mood or simply wish to liven up the atmosphere of your home, working on your colour scheme is the quickest route to high-impact, low-effort results. 

Follow the simple steps outlined below as a quick guide and select some snazzy colour palettes for your home,


1. Take stock 



Take a good look at your existing space and the colours that dominate. What are your expectations from each space and from your home as a whole? What is the overall vibe you are aiming for? What do you want to change?


2. Imagine the desired colours



Envision your home in your favourite hues as you pick out the colours you like. Mix and match 2-3 solid colours or opt for varying shades of a single hue. Figure out the colour combinations that work for you and the ones that don’t.


3. Decide the mood



What mood do you want to set for each room? Eight colour schemes have been showcased in our Colour Connect’ collection. Below are the colours and their corresponding moods: 

  • Peach channels stability
  • Fuchsia is playful
  • Red infuses energy
  • Ochre is optimistic
  • Green stands for harmony
  • Teal for creativity
  • Navy for confidence 
  • Charcoal for strength


4. Apply the rule of proportions



A good general rule of the thumb is the 10/30/60 rule. This will help you balance your colour palettes. 60% of the colour palette in every room is allotted to the dominant colour, which is already used for the walls. That leaves you with 30% for the secondary hue of your choice and 10% for your accent colour. 


Let's see how you can apply the rule to every room in the house. 


  • Bedroom: 30% of your room space will usually be taken up by bed linen and curtains, and the remaining 10% will comprise pillow covers and alarm clocks in funky bright colours.
  • Kitchen: Your countertop will already take up 30% of the kitchen. Choose from our fine selection of pots and pans to make up your 10%. You can add these perky little flower pots in bright hues for an imaginative lift. Line them up on your counter to pep things up and keep the cooking blues away.
  • Living room: 30% will be taken up by sofa linen and curtains. The remaining 10% can comprise accent-coloured cushion covers, and decor items such as a big bright wall clock or this decorative platter.
  • Bathroom: 30% of your colour palette can be made by coordinating these bath towels in solid colours with their matching bath mats. The remaining 10% can be assigned to toilet accessories such as this solid toilet brush with holder and these beautifully scented candles


To coordinate the colour scheme for your entire home, choose from the kaleidoscope of colours in our carefully curated Colour Connect Collection. This collection boasts a wide range of products in all categories.


Want your room to be a bright, happy, welcoming place? The warmer hues of Peach, Fuchsia, Red, and Ochre in our collection will serve you well. Want it to project a calming and comforting aura that is conducive to productivity? Choose from our Green, Teal, Navy, and Charcoal range of decor items.


Get started on this project with no further delay and have fun with colours along the way!


Watch this video put together by our creative team for a better understanding of how to set the mood with different colour palettes.