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Smart ways to organise your kitchen space

Is cooking and feeding people your language of love? Your cooking experience can be enhanced ten-fold if your kitchen is well organised. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also cuts down cooking time drastically with everything being in its rightful place. Marie Kondo will agree that organised kitchen space is good for the soul and will spark joy in your life. 

Are you ready to transform your kitchen space? This range of organisers from Home Centre has made it very easy to do so!


Countertop organisers


Keep your counter clutter-free so you have space to cut, clean and prep your meals. A cup holder or mug tree will ensure that your coffee mugs are safely stowed away in the corner. A cutlery holder can put all your spoons, forks, knives, scissors, and more in one place. A plates rack is a great tool to dry your plates and store them for later use. You can even get a storage basket to put sundry items such as chopping boards, oil bottles, basic spices, etc. 


Over the door organisers


These are great for a kitchen with limited space. As the name suggests, over the door organisers are those units that hang on the doors of shelves, fridge, etc. You can buy these sleek baskets that hang from doors to store your sauces, kitchen towels, spice jars, and more.


Wall-mounted organisers


Wall-mounted organisers are great to ensure things are easily accessible in the kitchen. Be it spices, pulses, oil, tissue paper, foil, lids, or cutlery; they make use of the space on the wall so you have everything within your reach. You can choose from a variety of hanging shelves, cutlery holders, wall mounted dishes and lid racks, etc.


Drawer organisers


If you find yourself always rummaging through the drawers to find your favourite knife or spatula, these are the perfect solution for you. Built with different compartments or sections, these organisers can be placed inside your kitchen drawers so everything from cutlery, knives, whisks, spatulas to bag clips, etc., can be neatly kept and easily found. 


Over the shelf organisers


Shelves getting messy and chaotic? Save your precious china from getting damaged with over the shelf organisers. These organisers get fixed on your cabinet shelves so you can easily hang your cups, wine glasses, small bowls etc. You can even store jars of pickles, jams, etc., without worrying about them tipping over.

Organisers from Home Centre’s My Colourful Kitchen range are the perfect fit for every kind of kitchen. These handy organisers can give your kitchen an amazing facelift while making it functional and tidy. The cherry on the icing is that these are extremely cost-effective. You can buy them from your local Home Centre outlet or shop online from the company’s e-store. 

Wait no more! Get your kitchen in ship shape and experience the sheer joy of cooking!