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Stretch your boundaries with our space saver dining sets

The most precious commodity in a modern urban home is space. Whether you live in a cosy studio apartment or a palatial mansion, space is something you will want to maximise. The more space conserved, the more utility per square foot – and the more value-added to your overall living area. In pandemic times, the home and the office have gone from being two distinct spaces to coexisting as interactively merged ones. Your home has had to adapt to make room for workstations for all working members within the same living area. This has meant re-evaluating all living areas, including your dining area, from a multifunctional and space-saving point of view. 

Here’s how we can help you stretch your dining space to accommodate the new work-from-home module:


Versatile Dining



Our butterfly collection offers dining tables with drop leaf or convertible designs. These are sleek tables with clean and simple lines, their focus being the optimisation of space. Designed to accommodate 2, 4, or 6 or 8 people, these durable tables come in oval and rectangular designs and are made from solid wood. EMI options are available, along with a warranty, and at various price points. Look at our extendable series. These tables can shrink from 6 to 4 to 2 seater versions, thereby saving space. They can serve in their smallest capacity for personal use on regular days and be extended to their maximum size when your guests arrive! 


Foldable Seating



Besides portability, the main purpose behind foldable options is again the conservation of space. Foldable chairs are available as part of the dining set but can also be purchased separately. Apart from their space-saving attributes, they prioritise your comfort and convenience. Available in different styles and colours to match your chosen dining table, you can lay out a chair or two and stow away the rest. Stack the remaining chairs against the wall or in a corner until you require them again – say, when visitors drop in. Compact stools and dining benches are also available for maximizing space. Some of our dining sets come with wheels. This useful feature facilitates multi-purposing. You can easily move the furniture back and forth between your dining area and your workspace if required.


Built-In Storage



Capacious storage shelves have been built into our space saver dining tables. This serves the dual purpose of reducing clutter and saving space. In this 4-seater oval dining table, you will find ample space for all your dinnerware – from glasses to crockery to cutlery. You can also store your favourite condiments and seasonings underneath for easy access and avoid repeated trips to the kitchen. And for the times when the table transforms into your workstation, you could even use the space to stash your stationery, diary, laptop, and chargers, as in this 4-seater dining table with storage and wheels! 


Say goodbye to cluttered tables and the chaos of multiple workstations in the same household. No more wasted room underneath the table, thanks to our smartly designed space saver dining sets that come with built-in storage. Put your chairs away when not in use or tuck them away neatly. Our collapsible, foldable, multifunctional, and versatile design options will make optimum use of your dining space! Economise on space and equip your dining room for both work and dining purposes without causing a mess.


Click here for a quick video demonstration of our space saver dining range.