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This time, why not celebrate Valentine’s day at home?

This time, let the spark of celebrating a beautiful relationship be at a place you are most comfortable at – Your Home. With plush cushioned sofa and with soothing fragrances to set the mood, there is no place better than home for a romantic Valentine's day.




Getting your home ready for this special day is as easy as visiting a Home Centre store. The redolence range of fragrances is the first step for a welcoming start. Fragrances in this range vary from captivating musk and floral notes to soothing lotus notes that can create a therapeutic wonder. These fragrances are available in the range of Rs. 149 to Rs 899. Add some fluffy cushions in romantic hues to the couch and there you have created a love spot. 



Following the theme of red, the valentine’s day can be extended even to your dining table. Lay your table out in the most striking way with colorful dinnerware ranging from Rs. 999 to Rs. 3499. Raise a toast with the sparkling glassware that can turn any drink fancier.



If not the bed, why not change the bed linen? Replace it with a stunning one that’s most apt for the night. Add some beautiful rugs on the floor to complete and complement the look, and there you have created another love spot.



Accentuating with little details like fragrances, rugs, cushion covers, colorful crockery can create an enormous difference in your home. So, this valentine’s day let the four walls of your home create a picture-perfect Valentine destination.