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Tired of The Same Old Room? Give It A Makeover In 5 Simple Ways

You spend so many hours cooped up in your room, and if you're working from home, so many more! So, why not give it a well-deserved glow-up? Frequent changes or tweaks in your room decor can go a long way to keep things fresh and lively. And if you are concerned about the budget, there are many inexpensive and uncomplicated ways of sprucing up your room. Just swapping or adding a few items that are high on impact and easy on your pocket can make a world of difference.  That's right; you don't have to spend a fortune on new furniture. By just purchasing some utilitarian decor items, you can have a brand-new room in no time and with minimal effort. 


How to Re-Do Your Room?   

Your room is your place of retreat; you start and end your day in your bedroom. Besides, in a modern household, a bedroom is multidimensional. It can serve as a study, an office, a playroom, a workshop, and an Amphitheatre, all in the same space! So, it deserves attention and redesigning from time to time. And the key is first to step back and assess your needs and the space in front of you. Decide what stays, what goes, what can be recycled and what must be rearranged. Then follow this 5-step quick fix list, and you're on your way to a brand-new room.  


Fresh Linens To Invoke Positivity 



New furniture might mean more planning and more expenses, but a new duvet and curtains are just a click away. You can even add bedsheets or a comforter in your favourite colour to your cart. According to colour psychology, bright and pastel colours positively affect your mood and evoke happiness and optimism. Besides, new linens in a fresh new colour palette are just the ticket for a new look, and this first step can make quite an impact on your living space.   


2) Accent Furniture To Grab Attention



A single new piece of furniture like a comfy new lounge chair, a sleek new side table, a bookshelf, a bold coloured sit and store ottoman or a rocking chair can give your room that added oomph. Invest in a single statement piece, position it thoughtfully against the rest of the objects in the room, and you're halfway there. Browse through our collection of accent furniture and take your pick. 


3) Patterned Cushions For A Cosy Vibe  



Cushions serve to make a room feel cosy and inviting; they underline the comfort element. They are also a great way to add a pop of colour and to offset your design style. A big cushion in the right tone instantly conjures the idea of a calm and congenial environment. At the same time, an eclectic assortment of varying colours and shapes can add character and drama to your space. The trick is to strike the right balance between style and functionality. So, find your favourites from our wide array of cushions and get ready for the perfect snug hug.  


4) A Corner Dedicated To Memories



We all have our special corners, even within the sanctuary of a room—a place to retreat to in our quiet time. Add a book nook, a green hub for your chosen potted plants, or a memory wall filled with your most precious photos in attractive photo frames. A tasteful mirror or wall art can also add a unique charm to your special corner resulting in a more mindful and livelier ambience. These little curated corners will add interest, a homey feel and round out the functionality of the overall space.    


5) Warm and Aesthetic Rugs  



Finally, for that all-important finishing touch, amplify your floor with an eye-catchy rug. A rug serves the purpose of shielding your feet from the cold floor while also emphasizing the tone of the room. You can find them in varying colours, sizes and textures to suit your personal style. Choose from our wide selection of rugs, and turn your room from drab to fab.   

With the above affordable additions, you give can your room a facelift without burning a hole in your pocket. So, head to our website and find the perfect decor for your room.