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Wedding gifts that wow - here's how!

Wedding gifts are perhaps the most significant of all the gifts we give and receive. In fact, some wedding gifts are remembered and cherished for a lifetime! These little presents are in many ways more meaningful than others because you are celebrating and expressing your support for two people who are starting a new life and home together. What better way to say you care than with a gift for the home?

Picking out a wedding gift can be overwhelming and confusing, what with all the options available nowadays. To be able to decide what kind of gift is best suited to the people you have in mind, it helps to first discern their personalities in general and as a couple. In some cases, one or both are well known to you, and in others, you have a rough idea or a good hunch about what they are like. Either way, here's breaking it down for you:


Types of couples and the gifts they will cherish:


1. Professionals



Both individuals have full-time careers and busy lives to say the least. They value organization and time-saving mechanisms. They cherish simplicity but not at the cost of comfort. Ambitious and upwardly mobile, they would also appreciate decor items that resonate with themes like style and success. This elegantly textured wall clock and mirror set could be the perfect wedding gift for the power couple.


2. Intellectuals



These are erudite people - learners and philosophers who always have a handsome trail of books around them. Likely, their home together will boast a library of some scale. They will have a study, and their taste is somewhere between practical and whimsical due to their support of and familiarity with the arts. They will also create a home for themselves that expresses their shared values. These will be primarily modern concerns like sustainability and equality. Any one of these sleek and functional wall shelves of varying designs and sizes would make a welcome gift for the well-read couple.


3. Trendsetters



With a passion for fashion and keeping abreast of trends, this couple will spare no cost to always put their best foot forward! Aware of design fads and art movements, they are always a step ahead of everyone. They value innovation, and their style ethos is bold and avant-garde. Picture frames can be the perfect gifts for these couples where they can showcase their creativity to its best with beautiful pictures and arrangements.


4. Entertainers



Warm and friendly, this couple boasts a large clan of family and friends. Always eager to expand their social circle, they love to entertain and throw soirées. They are foodies who love themed nights and follow all the latest cookery shows. They will have a well-stocked pantry with an impressive bar to boot. Their dream space will be big on comfort and making sure their guests have everything they need to feel welcome and at home. Take your pick from a wide array of attractive dinner sets to make this couple feel grateful for your thoughtfulness.


5. Dreamers



This couple will lead an optimistic and aspirational life, always pushing the buck to make the most of their circumstances. Their home will be fanciful and bright with a lot of warmth and memorabilia. They are always planning, and they know just how many kids they will have or how many cities they will travel to. Nothing gets them down, these two. No dream is too big, and no window is too small. Wish them sweet dreams as you gift them elegant comforters

The perfect wedding gift is now well within reach. Armed with this simple list of couple profiles, you will now have a clearer sense of direction and several ideas for possible gifts. Shopping for a memorable wedding gift needn't be a physical exercise; you can shop all you like at the click of a button from our online store, and if still in doubt about what to pick, you can always opt for hassle-free Home Centre gift cards of your preferred value. Either way, expect happiness and profound gratitude from the newlyweds!