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Your Sofa, Your Way

We are all craftsmen when it comes to arranging and designing our living room.  And mostly, we are on a search to finding that perfect sofa that is aesthetic and practical at the same time.


What if we told you that you could now customize your sofa, your way.


With modular living solutions there are only possibilities. Possibilities of design & arrangements, possibilities of color options, possibilities of the right comfort that you are looking for.

You have numerous reasons to consider investing in a Modular Sofa.



You can personalize it your way.

Modular Sofas are flexible. Whatever configuration you are looking for – large or small corner unit, extending chaise, six-seater sofa – there are solutions to suit any home.

Modular Sofas will never go out of style

Modular Sofas are a blend of modern and traditional. Upholstered in deep taupe fabric it can keep you in style for many more years to come.

It’s versatile. It can change with your needs

Never say good-bye to a modular sofa because your family has grown. Add a unit, extend, or rearrange your sofa to fit any new members.

It’s an all-purpose sofa with an answer to everything

Modular Sofas are quite versatile with their capabilities. Add a chaise and use it both as a sofa & sofa bed. It’s a perfect partner for quick naps and uninvited guests.

Interested? How about Home Centre’s Signature modular sofa? You can customize a signature modular sofa in 33 combinations and 27 different upholsteries. Here’s how you pick them.

Select your seating options



Make your ideal combination







Select from 27 different upholstery options


Your favourite sofa is now your way.