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Let's Sing in Our Loudest Voice for the Unsung Hero, Mother!

Remember those rainy afternoons when the scent of your favourite cookies wafted from the kitchen that instantly calmed your nerves? The soft light from that lamp bathed the room in a warm glow, inviting you to unwind. And who, more than anyone else, is the architect of this ambience?


Yes, you guessed it—the amazing woman we call MOM!


As Mother's Day approaches, let's elevate our gratitude with a beautiful gift guide as a token of appreciation for the remarkable women who raised us.


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Celebrate Holi with a Splash of Fusion Recipes!

Calling all sweet tooths and festival fanatics! Holi is here, and it is not just about the vibrant colours, though those are pretty sweet too! It is now the time to turn up the taste buds with a delicious spread of Holi festival sweets and enjoy some savoury delights as well.


Imagine this: the air is filled with the mouth-watering aroma of freshly prepared treats; laughter mingles with the joyful shouts of  "Happy Holi!" and your plate overflows with a kaleidoscope of tempting delicacies.


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Redefining Celebrations: Creative Diwali Party Themes to Try This Year

Diwali is a time for joy, family, friends and vibrant celebrations. It's a season steeped in tradition, yet one that also invites creativity and innovation. As we prepare to celebrate this grand festival, why not infuse your Diwali gathering with a touch of uniqueness?


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A Guide to Crafting a Breath-taking Balcony Garden

Living in an apartment? No need to worry! You can transform your balcony into a tranquil oasis by creating your very own balcony garden. The process of setting up a balcony garden can be both gratifying and enjoyable. Embrace the lush greenery and fresh air as your balcony becomes a sanctuary of nature, offering a serene escape. Feeling enthusiastic? Here are some expert tips and tricks to guide you in crafting a haven for yourself – even if you're not an avid gardener.


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Meaningful Gifts for The One You Love

They say love makes the world go round. Perhaps this cliche has endured as long as it has, because it’s true! Romance is the fire that lights up even the simplest lifestyle. It gives us the will to live and to thrive in the best and worst of times. Whether you have known each other forever or are just getting started, your valentine or steady partner is someone you would get you a piece of the moon to make you happy.


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Five lip-smacking, multicultural dishes for overnight guests by celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

Atithi devo bhava, or ‘One should treat guests like God, ’ has been an Indian belief since times immemorial. The saying shows how much warmth and value guests bring to our life.


In a family-centric country like ours, we go the extra mile to make our loved ones feel at home when they visit or stay over. And they do the same for us! One long-established way of showing our love and respect for others is through the dishes we cook for them.


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Power through breakfast hour with recipes from celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

If you want to change the world, start with breakfast! We’ve all heard it; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without the avoidable distraction of hunger pangs, a good breakfast will provide you with sufficient energy to power through your day and optimise productivity. 


That said, preparing breakfast on a weekday is not easy. In the middle of all the morning craziness – going about your routine, finishing chores, getting ready for work – breakfast may seem like a demanding task. Some of you might even overlook or ignore it entirely.


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Tradition Is Trending. Catch On, With Our ‘India Inspired' Collection

Art belongs in the vibrant atmosphere of your heart and home, not just on the inert walls of a museum or gallery. From a land replete with royal heritage and religious mystique, presenting to you our ‘India Inspired’ collection.

Indian history is one of the most fascinating and chronicled sagas in the world. Our heritage is fertile, steeped in imagery that blends all the strands of a beautiful past. With this in mind, we have chosen 5 'India inspired' themes to enhance the individual auras of your personal home style.  

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Sofa Beds: It’s Time To Replace Your Sofa!

Sofas beds can instantly change the vibe of your living room. In today’s time, these beds act as perfect “guest room”.

While our love for sofas remain untouched, there is no denying the impressive practicality of sofa beds. Doing the jobs of both a sofa and bed splendidly, these stylish and comfortable pieces brighten up your personal space and liven up your next home party. We vouch for them.

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5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen an Interesting Space

As more of us are working from home and spending more time in cooking & learning new things, it’s high time to think what add-ons you need in your kitchen to make it a more interesting space. Here are a few tips for you:


1. Look for modular kitchen storage solutions that will make your kitchen look more organized and space-savvy to stack away all your kitchen’s tastiest treasures.


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