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Set the right mood for your home with these coordinated colour palettes!

Switching colours is the easiest way to breathe new life into a space. Change the colour scheme of a room, and the whole place looks brand new! Whether you are looking for a quick change of mood or simply wish to liven up the atmosphere of your home, working on your colour scheme is the quickest route to high-impact, low-effort results. 

Follow the simple steps outlined below as a quick guide and select some snazzy colour palettes for your home,


1. Take stock 

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Know what’s trending and update your home style!

Keeping up with seasonal home decor trends can seem daunting. After all, how often can you change the look of your home? The trick is to pick the trends that best suit your style and needs – elements that will likely remain relevant even beyond their popular shelf life. 


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Restaurant-style table settings decoded!

One thing we admire most about restaurants – apart from their delicious meals – is their aesthetics. Have you ever sat down to eat at an elegant restaurant and found yourself distracted by their choice of tableware? Or their fine crockery? Or maybe just the way the entire table has been laid?

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Thoughtful housewarming gifts that are functional yet lovable

Moving into a new home is a milestone that calls for celebration. And if you are visiting someone at their new home, taking a present along is obligatory as it’s a way of congratulating them and wishing them luck. 
However, it can be quite tricky if you do not know what to gift them. Also, since they will be receiving many gifts, you need to make sure that your gifts will stand out! Remember that the best gifts are those that are thoughtful, useful, and match the recipient's personality and preferences.

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Tradition Is Trending. Catch On, With Our ‘India Inspired' Collection

Art belongs in the vibrant atmosphere of your heart and home, not just on the inert walls of a museum or gallery. From a land replete with royal heritage and religious mystique, presenting to you our ‘India Inspired’ collection.

Indian history is one of the most fascinating and chronicled sagas in the world. Our heritage is fertile, steeped in imagery that blends all the strands of a beautiful past. With this in mind, we have chosen 5 'India inspired' themes to enhance the individual auras of your personal home style.  

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Tired of The Same Old Room? Give It A Makeover In 5 Simple Ways

You spend so many hours cooped up in your room, and if you're working from home, so many more! So, why not give it a well-deserved glow-up? Frequent changes or tweaks in your room decor can go a long way to keep things fresh and lively. And if you are concerned about the budget, there are many inexpensive and uncomplicated ways of sprucing up your room.

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Kitchen Design Tips

Before committing to a design made by designers, read these 3 tips to check on the efficiency of the design. Your kitchen experience is significantly affected by how easily you can move around the space. A well-designed kitchen will maximize the walk-in space, minimize the need to stop and reach and create comfortable cooking and cleaning experience. Below are the key elements to evaluate your kitchen design.


  1. Keep the Kitchen triangle in mind


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How to enhance the functionality of your kitchen

Time to plan the functionalities of the base unit, overhead wall cabinets, and tall units. You can get the best exterior finishes with the most durable raw material and get the best design in terms of look and application but if the cabinets are not made efficiently functional you would miss comfort while using your kitchen which is one of the important expected deliverables of modular Kitchen.


  • Base units 


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Make your kitchen a happy place

A kitchen is a place, where the meals that fuel your mind, body, and soul, are created. Our Celebrity Chef has listed out some healthy recipes for you. Explore now!



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Different Ways In Which A Mattress Affects You

We all know that there is no better feeling than getting into your bed for nine hours of sleep and wake up refreshed after a long tiring day. But sometimes your mattress can make these goals unachievable in various ways and it might affect your health. Here are a few ways by which a mattress affects your health


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