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Top 10 Best Sellers from Home Centre for Your Home Needs


Opulent yet contemporary, these exclusive styles are built to elevate the way you live, dine and rest. Whether you are moving home or making small décor updates, you will find it all here. Pick your favourites from our best sellers and style your space.


1. Rio Queen Bed with Hydraulic Storage


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Modify your kitchen space. Say hello to Colorful Kitchens.

21st century kitchens are no more a sheer place for cooking. They are the central hub of the home and an easily approachable socializing spot. It’s a place where the best aesthetics in your house should come on display. And, most importantly, this open space stands wide and tall to invite abundant opinions from your friendly comrades on your taste in style, your skills in organizing, your idea of cooking, and your talent in presenting. So, we have renamed every kitchen as the ‘judging spot’.



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This time, why not celebrate Valentine’s day at home?

This time, let the spark of celebrating a beautiful relationship be at a place you are most comfortable at – Your Home. With plush cushioned sofa and with soothing fragrances to set the mood, there is no place better than home for a romantic Valentine's day.



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Gifting? Not a problem when you have 300+ ideas for it.

What’s the one tough task that’s little time consuming but worth your time during Diwali? Getting gifts for your loved ones. Isn’t it? But if you find one destination with a plethora of gifting ideas that you will fall in love with, can you imagine the fun?

This Diwali, do not hop from one shop to another, do not think twice and thrice, do not hurry, and worry because it’s not a hundred but three-hundred & more gifting ideas in Home Centre stores.

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Butterfly Dining – Big idea for a small dining space.

He said, “There’s no space for a dining set in our home.”

She replied, “There’s always enough space for a butterfly.”

Making most of small spaces is where the art of home making comes into play. Maximizing space by picking right furniture is quintessential to awaken the life in any small room.

When space is at premium, mix & match butterfly range has versatile, table, chair, and stool options to suit every dining area – compactly styled to fold or glide neatly away once the mealtimes are over.

Here’s how you pick your butterfly dining set.

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Your Sofa, Your Way

We are all craftsmen when it comes to arranging and designing our living room.  And mostly, we are on a search to finding that perfect sofa that is aesthetic and practical at the same time.


What if we told you that you could now customize your sofa, your way.


With modular living solutions there are only possibilities. Possibilities of design & arrangements, possibilities of color options, possibilities of the right comfort that you are looking for.

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Color your cove with some well-picked-out quilts. Here's how you do it!

The season of cold breezes, hot chocolate and lazy mornings is here! Days are spent by being curled up in your bedroom, reading your favourite book and enjoying the weather.

You know the one thing that is constant in your journey of happy winters? Comfortable quilts. The warmth they give you on chilly nights and the comfort they provide you with on lazy afternoons is truly delightful!

Presenting Home Centre’s wide range of quilt collection that creates a luxurious experience in your bedroom with its soft texture and beautiful designs!

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The ceilings need to shine, the walls need to be adorned, the floors need to be coloured, and the guests need to be welcomed! Decorating homes can get tedious, but the act sure brings joy and makes you feel renewed.

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Décor essentials to make your home celebration ready

A home is not built in a day. It is a comfort haven you create piece by piece. Each décor article reflects your personality and gives your home a different character.

For each of your moods, we present to you a wide range of décor essentials that will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also gives it the perfect festive look.  From candles to paintings, and tableware to mirrors, we have it all to up the ante of every corner in your home.

Here's a list of décor essentials you can pick to embark upon the season of festivities: 


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Choosing the right gift = Herculean Task? Not anymore

Finding a perfect gift for your loved one involves a lot of thinking. It’s a well-known fact that gifting is an art practiced by many but mastered by few. It gives you a lot of joy if you ace that job and frightens you if you don’t. Gifting is a way of showing compassion, remembrance, appreciation, and respect. So what happens when it goes wrong? It backfires.

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