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Sofa Beds That Wed Comfort With Style!


Winter is coming, and we don’t just mean the weather! The last three months of the year are a busy bunch with festivities galore and, of course, the big finish—New Years! Most of this season is spent entertaining guests. And what better way to make sure you leave a lasting impression than a beautiful sofa in your memorable living room?


While our love for sofas remain untouched, there is no denying the impressive practicality of sofa beds. Combining the best of both worlds, these furniture pieces not only save space but also money and face!

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Color your cove with some well-picked-out quilts. Here's how you do it!

The season of cold breezes, hot chocolate and lazy mornings is here! Days are spent by being curled up in your bedroom, reading your favourite book and enjoying the weather.

You know the one thing that is constant in your journey of happy winters? Comfortable quilts. The warmth they give you on chilly nights and the comfort they provide you with on lazy afternoons is truly delightful!

Presenting Home Centre’s wide range of quilt collection that creates a luxurious experience in your bedroom with its soft texture and beautiful designs!

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The ceilings need to shine, the walls need to be adorned, the floors need to be coloured, and the guests need to be welcomed! Decorating homes can get tedious, but the act sure brings joy and makes you feel renewed.

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Décor essentials to make your home celebration ready

A home is not built in a day. It is a comfort haven you create piece by piece. Each décor article reflects your personality and gives your home a different character.

For each of your moods, we present to you a wide range of décor essentials that will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also gives it the perfect festive look.  From candles to paintings, and tableware to mirrors, we have it all to up the ante of every corner in your home.

Here's a list of décor essentials you can pick to embark upon the season of festivities: 


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Choosing the right gift = Herculean Task? Not anymore

Finding a perfect gift for your loved one involves a lot of thinking. It’s a well-known fact that gifting is an art practiced by many but mastered by few. It gives you a lot of joy if you ace that job and frightens you if you don’t. Gifting is a way of showing compassion, remembrance, appreciation, and respect. So what happens when it goes wrong? It backfires.

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Home is where the heart is, but heart of any home is its Kitchen

A kitchen is a place, where the meals that fuel your mind, body, and soul, are created.
Every kitchen looks different, feels different and most importantly smells different. Deep within all of us, there are countless memories in the Kitchen. Memories of the mouth-watering dishes cooked by your mother, the infinite conversations over food and the struggles in acing that perfect dish. 

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How I wish my wardrobe was never-ending

Seasons define style; as seasons change, so do the trending fashion tips. But that doesn’t mean you wave goodbye to your last season clothes, shoes, and cosmetics! 

We understand the importance of categorizing your essentials in a wardrobe as per the age and the usage of the clothes. They can be categorized in the following four sections:

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