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Meaningful Gifts for The One You Love

They say love makes the world go round. Perhaps this cliche has endured as long as it has, because it’s true! Romance is the fire that lights up even the simplest lifestyle. It gives us the will to live and to thrive in the best and worst of times. Whether you have known each other forever or are just getting started, your valentine or steady partner is someone you would get you a piece of the moon to make you happy.


Childhood crushes are casual and innocent. But a relationship between adults is based on a deeper commitment and understanding. And gifts that are shared are more practical and meaningful too. You are more likely to impress or touch that special someone’s heart with a thoughtful gift that reveals your intimate understanding and knowledge about them. A gift that takes into consideration their specific needs is more likely to have a positive impact on your partner.


Home Centre has the perfect range of carefully selected options for you.




What better way to make a lasting impression on someone than with a sweet and sensual fragrance? The lingering perfume in the air will act as a reminder of your strong connection even in times when you are not around. This is quite literally the perfect instance of ‘absence making the heart grow fonder.’ Woo that special person in your life with the pleasant perfume of this scented candles.


Coffee Mug Sets



Coffee is how we begin our day. In most households, the rule is coffee first, then everything else. If your flame is a coffee enthusiast too, a coffee mug set can be the perfect way to make sure their day begins with thoughts of you! This dainty coffee mug with a romantic floral design is sure to appeal to someone with good taste.


Photo Frames


Social media albums are great, but there’s something about physical photographs that feels more solid and real. A photo frame with a picture of a special memory you shared together is the perfect way to tell someone that they are special to you while simultaneously giving them something to remember you by. Photo frames come in all shapes and sizes, so select one based on a favourite colour or the space and theme of the room it is likely to be placed in. This metallic photo frame in gold can be a great accent to uplift the atmosphere of any room, regardless of its decor.


Cushion covers


A good way to show your passionate and caring side is to prioritize the comfort of your loved one. With a wide range of brilliant and beautiful cushion covers to choose from, this is a gift that will keep on giving. Visit your loved one in their dreams with this ethereal filled cushion


Inspirational Decor



We all have times in our lives when we need to feel supported and inspired. Your loved one could be on the cusp of a new career or going through a particularly challenging time. A thoughtful gift can fill the void and act as a bolster when words are hard to find or when you cannot physically be with them. A decor which represent all the support and love is also a good way to elevate and infuse meaning into an ordinary day.