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Power through breakfast hour with recipes from celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

If you want to change the world, start with breakfast! We’ve all heard it; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without the avoidable distraction of hunger pangs, a good breakfast will provide you with sufficient energy to power through your day and optimise productivity. 


That said, preparing breakfast on a weekday is not easy. In the middle of all the morning craziness – going about your routine, finishing chores, getting ready for work – breakfast may seem like a demanding task. Some of you might even overlook or ignore it entirely.


But skipping breakfast is never a good idea. So, we’ve listed down a few breakfast dishes curated by celebrity chef Ranveer Brar exclusively for Home Centre and especially for you. They are quick to prepare when you have a packed schedule and are healthy and tasty too! 


1. Jowar Daliya Upma



Think healthy food lacks taste and flavour? Cook some delicious jowar daliya upma with loads of veggies, and you’ll reconsider your views on healthy dishes. Jowar, which is gluten-free, rich in protein, and high in fibre, is an excellent substitute for wheat and good for the heart. While upma, a popular south Indian dish, is normally made with sooji or semolina, preparing it with jowar increases its health quotient. And by cooking it on a non-stick saucepan, you can cut down on the oil. 

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2. Corn Silk Tea



If you have the habit of starting your day with a cup of tea, why not try a new type of tea? For years, corn silk tea has been used as a natural digestive remedy. It can aid your weight loss journey and reduce problems associated with water retention. Corn silk tea also improves urine flow and reduces the likelihood of sediment accumulation in the kidneys that causes kidney stone formation. For people with diabetes, this tea helps with blood sugar issues. So, learn how to prepare corn silk tea and enjoy it in a microwaveable mug, ensuring it always stays hot.

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3. Amaranth and Methi Paratha



Parathas make for a filling and wholesome breakfast, and you can try them with different stuffing; potato, paneer or chicken. But let’s face it, not everyone has the time and patience to make parathas in the morning. So, here’s something new you can try - amaranth and methi parathas add a healthy and easy twist to classic parathas. Made of whole wheat flour and herbs, you can cook it to perfection on a roti tawa – with no compromise on the size or fear of stains. This paratha will satiate you well for a great start to your day.  

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4. Black Rice Chai



While warm water is the best thing to consume before anything else, other healthy beverages can also be beneficial. Rich in antioxidants and acting as a natural detoxifier, black rice chai is an excellent way to kickstart your day. Black rice is also known as ‘forbidden rice’ in China since it was exclusively available to royalty and the rich in ancient times. The common people were barred from cultivating or eating it, and it’s had the name forbidden rice ever since. But times have changed, and today everyone can enjoy it. So, why not serve it in an elegantly printed cup and saucer to catch any overflow or drips from the cup. 

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5. Barley Sattu Smoothie



Smoothies have become an on-the-go food for health-conscious people. The reason is obvious: it's simple to make and quite filling! You can combine a variety of fruits/vegetables, and the result will nearly always be excellent. Dietitians, too, recommend them as an instant energy boost. So, if you enjoy a refreshing glass of smoothie, here’s a new recipe for you. Barley sattu smoothie is great for warm days – it keeps the body from overheating and helps lower the body temperature. Popular in various regions of India, such as Jharkhand, Bihar, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, this smoothie is beneficial for your intestines. It cleanses and detoxifies the intestines of fatty foods, constipation, and acidity. So, try out this smoothie recipe, pour it in a tall solid glass bottle making it easy to shake, stir and even add extra ice.

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Food can greatly impact your mood. And your morning meal does not have to be time-consuming to be nutritious. So, start your day on a positive note with a nutritious and fulfilling meal. For many more fun and delicious recipes by Ranveer Brar, check out our YouTube channel.