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Tradition Is Trending. Catch On, With Our ‘India Inspired' Collection

Art belongs in the vibrant atmosphere of your heart and home, not just on the inert walls of a museum or gallery. From a land replete with royal heritage and religious mystique, presenting to you our ‘India Inspired’ collection.

Indian history is one of the most fascinating and chronicled sagas in the world. Our heritage is fertile, steeped in imagery that blends all the strands of a beautiful past. With this in mind, we have chosen 5 'India inspired' themes to enhance the individual auras of your personal home style.  





Inspired by the humble lotus, our national flower, this collection tells the story of rebirth, renewal, and regeneration. The lotus dies every night and comes to life again, every day. It thrives in muddy waters, staying pure, and purifying its surroundings in the process. 

The colour palette and design interpretations of the Lotus are innumerable.  We have contemporised the assortment of lotus petal designs in asymmetrical forms on soft furnishings to create a delicate and graceful collection for you. This Kalhara collection will add a welcoming touch and an artistic appeal to your living space.





This collection is inspired by the bovine Goddess or the cow of plenty, immortalised in the Pichwai textile paintings of Mewar, Rajasthan. Well-defined cow and calf motifs in rich, contrasting colours make this collection stand out. The 400-year-old folk art that adorned the walls of the Nathdwara temple will now grace your home, turning it into a sanctuary of peace and prosperity. With our Kamdhenu crockery sets, you can add a cultural and mythical touch to your dining room. 


Shahi Durbar  



Why should royalty be limited to just palaces? If you catch yourself awestruck by the elegant art in palaces, then it’s time to bring it to your home. Our design team pays tribute to the royal heritage of rajas, ranis, and courtiers. Their glorious tales of love and valour has added an exquisite touch to our regal home décor ensemble.  

Add a touch of poise and grandeur to your dining table with our luxury and classy dinnerware. Elegantly designed with royal motifs that capture some of the drama and splendour of the royal court, our Shahi Durbar collection lets you bring royalty to your home and onto your table.  





This line-up is inspired by our natural heritage - the diverse panorama of India's flora and fauna. Imagine gazing upon our unique designs, your eyes spying on something new each time! The visual style of this collection is a medley of folk and tribal arts like Kantha, Madhubhani, and Gond.

Intricate patterns and the use of black and white contrasted with bright colours results in a bold canvas. Contemporary treatment has been meted out to traditional art forms. Say goodbye to boring patterns with monotonous designs; swap your old plain and basic table linen for more awe-inspiring designs as in this visually stunning table runner. 





The word Coromandel comes from 'Chola Mangalam or 'Realm of the Cholas'. The Cholas of Tanjore were one the most ancient dynasties of India, and this collection celebrates that ancient heritage. Inspired by historic Indian rock sculptures and cave art, these designs will transport you to a more elegant era, an era of vintage heirlooms that have stood the test of time. Our Coromandel collection infuses ancient motifs and designs with rich colours to leave a vintage yet stylish aura in your dining room.  

At Home Centre, we add aesthetic touches to ordinary spaces. Select your own assortment of favourite items from any of our 'India inspired' collections. Add the refined taste of an art gallery to the fabric of your inner sanctum. After all, art is best enjoyed at home!